#TrueAussieBeefPH: Featured Australian Grassfed Beef Dishes at Epicurious

I've never been a fan of beef aside from having it as a hamburger or as corned beef because most of the casual dining places I've had it from didn't cook it enough to get the tenderness I wanted.

This was what I thought of when I got an invite to try out Australian grassfed beef at five restaurants last July 6. I wondered if I will like the food since I'm more fond of chicken and pork.

Out of curiousity, I went for the tour anyway.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), Victorian State Government, and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) have collaborated with the Australian Embassy in the Philippines to bring us the third edition of Australian Grassfed Beef on the Menu. I missed the ones from the last two years so this will be a culinary adventure for sure.

This Australian Beef dishes will be available until August 20 in all the participating restaurants.

The first restaurant I'll feature will be Epicurious located at the Ground Floor of Shangri-la Plaza.

My previous boss always raved that Epicurious and would always ask me to book her meetings there when the client is located in Mandaluyong.

What I found interesting upon stepping in is it offers a full culinary experience to diners since there is a restaurant as well as cooking equipment and deli products for sale.

Australian Grassfed Dishes in Epicurious

Epicurious featured 3 dishes with Australian grass-fed beef on the menu. The two were great to have because they were like the usual dishes I get when I dine out but with a healthier touch because of the Australian beef in it.

Beef Fajitas (P349)

Fetucinne Stroganoff P399

My Favorite Australian Grassfed Beef Dish in Epicurious

Among the three dishes, the Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce was the one that stood out to me.

Roast Beef With Mushroom Sauce (P699)

Some of the people on our table were saying that it's weird for roast beef to have a salty taste. Most roast beef dishes are marinated with herbs and this dish tasted too similar to how Filipinos marinate our meat.

I actually loved it! The saltiness complimented the white rice and the delicious mushroom sauce. It felt like eating a dish I've always recognized but with more flavor and with leaner meat. This slab of beef didn't have fat in it.

Other Participating Restaurants in the Australian Grassfed Beef on the Table

You can check out these other participating top-tier restaurants to get a taste of other delicious Autralian grassfed dishes:

Casual Dining:
  • 8Cuts
  • Bondi & Bourke
  • Dean & Deluca
  • Green Pastures
  • Papa Diddi’s
  • Wholesome Table

Hotel restaurants:
  • City of Dreams’ Red Ginger and Crystal DragonDiscovery Primea’s 1824, Flame, and Gilarmi Lounge
  • Discovery Suites’ 22 Prime
  • New World Manila Bay’s The Fireplace and The Marketplace
  • Raging Bull at Shagri-La at the Fort
  • Dusit Thani Manila’s The Pantry, particularly the “Holy Cow” section
  • New World Makati’s Café 1228

Other restaurants:
  • Blackbird
  • Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano and Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant at Dining in Yakal
  • Cheff Jessie’s Rockwell Club, Top of the Citi, and Grill at the Grove
  • Downtown & Halsted
  • People’s Palace
  • Pink’s
  • Prime 101
  • Sala Bistro
  • Smith & Butcher Grill Room
  • The True Grill
  • Vask Tapas Room

Winning My First Blogging Award

My blogging journey started last 2005 at Multiply and I've been changing blogs since then in order to find my voice and what I really want to write about. Come 2014, I finally found it. Lifestyle blogging about the places and food that not all people write about.

I was so stoked when I found out that I won my first blogging award from the Batangas Tourism Council!

They ran a blogging contest where bloggers should share their summer experience in the Batangas experience. This was a great initiative by our government since it's a sign that they're recognizing the importance of digital marketing now.

We had the awarding last at Shakey's Batangas City with the tourism officers of the province.

Vanessa Doce and Jayzar Recinto.  It was nice to meet other Batangueno bloggers since it was my dream before for Batangueno bloggers to multiply and spread the word about underrated destinations in Batangas.

You can check out our winning entries below:

Vanessa Doce (First Place) - The Pride of Rich Batangas
Kristel Silang (Second Place) - Go on an Affordable Beach Getaway at Ilijan, Batangas City
Jayzar Recinto (Third Place) - Nayomi Sanctuary Resort: Falling in Love with Glamping at First Try

Thank you, Batangas Tourism Council! This made me get more drive to share more stories to my readers and help them have more fun adventures.

#SublianFoodFest2017: Indulging in Yummy Food at SM City Batangas

What's a better way to celebrate a festival than with good food?

We Filipinos have been known to share good memories with loved ones through food and share our hospitality to new acquaintances by showing hospitality through food. That's the reason why we're all stuffed during fiesta season!

Here in Batangas City, we have 2 major festivals every year -- The Batangas City Fiesta on January to honor the Sto. Nino. The other one is the Sublian Festival which will start on July 23 also in honor of  Sto. Niño with the the Holy Cross in Bauan and Agoncillo.

My Blog Will Die Soon Because Lifestyle Blogging Is Dead

Yesterday, I read a question from a friend's post which was:

Is the lifestyle niche too saturated?

After a few exchanges, the same guy said he was "too busy" to pursue blogging. 

Yes, it is saturated. Out of the numerous Filipino blogs I've read over the past 9 years, 90% of them are lifestyle blogs. I've also worked with SEO teams that did linkbuilding and their outreach list could barf lifestyle blog URLs because we were just that many. They had a hard time finding bloggers who were in the business or personal finance niche.

#HostelHopping - BGC Hostel: Accessible and Affordable Accommodation Near UST and España Boulevard

I'm a firm believer that if I travel, I will spend smaller on my accommodation and allocate the money on other activities during the trip.

This may not be the same case for you because you have more money but for people who are budget travelers like myself, I go by the mantra stated above. This is why I don't get people who throw all their money to have staycations just to sleep at another place in the city. 

Seth's Cafe: Restaurant in Batangas City for Gourmet Food Lovers

There was a point during my childhood when the only accessible food places in Batangas City were the fastfood chains such as Jolibee and McDonald’s together with local favorites such as Wanam, Kay’s Nook, and T.O.P. The malls in our area didn’t pop up until the 2003 – 2004 so good food was rarely found outside of our homes. (I hope this paragraph doesn't give away my age!)

But just last year, there has been a boom of hyper-targeted food places that either focus on being Instagrammable or being a great restaurant. I’ve enjoyed trying out most of these new restaurants and found most of them leaning on being Instagrammable, because who wouldn’t? It’s cheaper to buy decorations and food garnish than getting a great chef to hook people with good cooking.

This was why when I got to try out the food and coffee at Seth’s Cafe, I was in gastronomical delight.

#HostelHopping - BGC Hostel: Affordable Hostel in Makati Near Bonifacio Global City

Finding an accommodation in Makati which is both accessible and affordable is hard, but not impossible.

I had 2 appointments in BGC on 2 cosecutive days but I lived on the side of Makati that was far from it. Given the traffic in Metro Manila, I'd want to steer clear of that and find a way to make the commutes on those days more easier.

It was a great thing that I found BGC Hostel when I looked for an affordable place to stay near Makati. It was a fast 15-minute drive from Uptown Place Tower 1 at 9PM! I knew this was a gem after getting off that uberPOOL from that trip.