#HostelHopping - BGC Hostel: Accessible and Affordable Accommodation Near UST and España Boulevard

I'm a firm believer that if I travel, I will spend smaller on my accommodation and allocate the money on other activities during the trip.

This may not be the same case for you because you have more money but for people who are budget travelers like myself, I go by the mantra stated above. This is why I don't get people who throw all their money to have staycations just to sleep at another place in the city. 

Seth's Cafe: Restaurant in Batangas City for Gourmet Food Lovers

There was a point during my childhood when the only accessible food places in Batangas City were the fastfood chains such as Jolibee and McDonald’s together with local favorites such as Wanam, Kay’s Nook, and T.O.P. The malls in our area didn’t pop up until the 2003 – 2004 so good food was rarely found outside of our homes. (I hope this paragraph doesn't give away my age!)

But just last year, there has been a boom of hyper-targeted food places that either focus on being Instagrammable or being a great restaurant. I’ve enjoyed trying out most of these new restaurants and found most of them leaning on being Instagrammable, because who wouldn’t? It’s cheaper to buy decorations and food garnish than getting a great chef to hook people with good cooking.

This was why when I got to try out the food and coffee at Seth’s Cafe, I was in gastronomical delight.

#HostelHopping - BGC Hostel: Affordable Hostel in Makati Near Bonifacio Global City

Finding an accommodation in Makati which is both accessible and affordable is hard, but not impossible.

I had 2 appointments in BGC on 2 cosecutive days but I lived on the side of Makati that was far from it. Given the traffic in Metro Manila, I'd want to steer clear of that and find a way to make the commutes on those days more easier.

It was a great thing that I found BGC Hostel when I looked for an affordable place to stay near Makati. It was a fast 15-minute drive from Uptown Place Tower 1 at 9PM! I knew this was a gem after getting off that uberPOOL from that trip.

Join my 3rd Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

The past month has not been the easiest to deal with but as I always think, there is always something to be thankful for.

My blog is celebrating its third year anniversary this 2017 and I couldn't be happier. There were gaps as long as 6 - 7 months when I wouldn't update my blog because I was too busy with my day job and other responsibilities. Despite that, I couldn't totally abandon this blog because this has served as my diary and it's a joy to look back at my adventures for the past 3 years which I've documented here.

A Night of Celebrations with Sentro 1771 and Flatiron 1771

I think most people can relate to the feeling of encountering a restaurant through its different branches and always wondering how the food and dining experience is there because we can't try out every restaurant we see, right?

This was exactly the case with me and Sentro 1771. I've read about them in other blogs and I've passed by their branch in Greenbelt, but I've never tried dining there with my friends and family. I just read that the food is good based on the reviews but I had yet to try it out for my own liking.

Shake 'N Wings: My New Favorite Chicken Wing Stop in Batangas City

Today is the day that I'm catching up on backlogs here in my blog and as I was looking through all my drafts, Shake 'N Wings tops the list of the food places I want to share with you.

Last February (yes, backlog galore!), there was one night when my sister and I were the only ones in the house. It was already dinner time and I was still working without noticing that it was already 8:00PM. My sister kept bugging me to cook dinner and our fridge was near to empty so I told her that we can just go out and eat somewhere near the Batangas State University (BSU) since it's just a walking distance from our house. She mentioned a food place we should try out.

"I heard my friends raving about this place called Shake 'N Wings. Maybe, we should try that."

How Traveling Got Me to Start Building a Php250,000 Retirement Fund

I haven’t had a personal trip this 2017 and I was looking through the DIY Travel Philippines Facebook Group for some tips on where I can go this year. I already noted some ideas in my mind but what struck me the most that day was the question that Traveloka asked us travel bloggers:

How did travel change your life?