How Traveling Got Me to Start Building a Php250,000 Retirement Fund

I haven’t had a personal trip this 2017 and I was looking through the DIY Travel Philippines Facebook Group for some tips on where I can go this year. I already noted some ideas in my mind but what struck me the most that day was the question that Traveloka asked us travel bloggers:

How did travel change your life?

Go on an Affordable Beach Getaway at Ilijan, Batangas City

Ilijan Batangas City Beach Trip

Whenever my friends and I talk about a summer getaway, the first consideration that we always have is how much will we spend on the trip. The second consideration would be if the place we're going to is worth the expense. There's one place that always comes to my mind in a moment like this.

I've been lucky since even at a young age, I've always had access to a beach because my parents grew up at Ilijan, Batangas City. It's a 1-hour drive from the Batangas City Proper that previously had no electricity, no signal for internet browsing, and no water lines (so we had to use a water pump to take baths back then)!

Fast forward to today, I'm so proud of how it has bloomed to become a summer destination to a lot of city dwellers who want to unwind by the sea. I've met people from Quezon City, Laguna, and even Bulacan who went here during the Holy Week break to chill with their friends.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Crepe Amelie

A good dessert is one with moderate sweetness (at least, in my opinion).

This is exactly what I tasted the first time I tried out Crepe Amelie with my sister last March 2015. It was a serendipitous moment since we were out late at night and was looking for a good dessert place to eat at. I’ve been going back there ever since.

Crepe Amelie cakes Antel 2000 Valero Makati City

Good thing that they opened a branch at the heart of Makati where it’s accessible for those craving for a sweet treat during or after work. I thought of rewarding myself with a mid-week dessert after lunch, and I did just that.

I’ve tried many cake flavors from my numerous visits at Crepe Amelie. Some of them are the Green Tea, Orange Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, and Chocolate Mousse. Every flavor had a moderate sweetness that will not make you too high after eating it but satisfy your craving for something sweet.

Have Fun While Learning Aviation History at the Philippine Aerospace Museum

I was not very interested to know more about the Philippine aviation history until we accidentally encountered the Philippine Aerospace Museum.

Last October 20, Leo and I went to NAIA terminal 1 to get his check-in luggage and because of the heavy traffic, he saw the facade of the museum. He asked me if we can go there since he loves aviation. I told him we could and I didn't know about this place so that'll be interesting.

Four days later, we came back to visit it again. 

Mountain Lake Eco-Resort: Experience the Best of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

I've been to South Cotabato last 2014, but I came back this because of its beauty.

One of the things I lvoed the most about this trip was our accommodations, Mountain Lake Eco-Resort. We booked this place because it was recommended by someone I know from the Department of Tourism - Region 12.

Krispy Kreme Crafty Christmas: Promoting Art Expression and Giving Back

Christmas is indeed the season of giving. There have been a lot of charity events in the metro which has held various fundraising activities and also engaging the donors in a fun way.

My officemates and I attended one just this weekend! Krispy Kreme held Crafty Christmas, a special activity that partners with renowned local contemporary artists to inspire customers to let out their inner artists for a good cause.

Postcards from Capones, Zambales

During our first day at Zambales, we arranged a boat ride through LookLeft Commune Beach Resort to go to Capones.

I won't write much in this entry because I want you to see the beauty of Capones,Zambales through this photo log: